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My Ada Lovelace Day Project

Welcome to my Ada Lovelace Day project--building a machine readable list of the notable women in the history of compute. As I do with all of my work, I also want to introduce people to the world of APIs along the way, so building an API to help educate people about women in the history of compute was a great way to spend my day, and bring attention to this topic.

I spent the day researching the history of women in tech, and compiled all of my research into a single machine readable JSON file, that anyone can use. With this research available in a machine readable format, anyone can potentially syndicate the information available here on any website or mobile application, extending this important layer of our history to a wider audience.

You can stay in tune with my work here via the roadmap page, and since I’ve built this website using Github, you can submit comments and questions via the Github issue manager, and if you are feeling brave, you can fork the project, edit any pages and submit a pull request to contribute to the project.