{"Women in Tech"}

Introducing You To Github Along The Way

I wanted a way to showcase the big impact women have made on the tech space on this Ada Lovelace Day, but I also wanted to make an ongoing project that I could continue to contribute to as I have the bandwidth. The important piece of this vision, is I also want you, my readers to be able to contribute as well, this is why I built it on Github.

Github has grown beyond its social coding roots and has become something that anyone can understand without being a programmer, but even with its ease of use, I still find often times that non-programmers are very intimidated by it. With this in mind I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the history of women in computing, and introduce you to Github along the way.

You can contribute to this project in two ways currently. You can make a suggestion for content to add, or any notable person you feel should be on the list simply by submitting an “issue” using the Github issue manager. This is no different than submitting a wall post on Facebook, and all you have to do is sign up for Github, then visit the issue manager for this project, and submit your thoughts.

If you are feeling a little more brave, you can also fork this entire project to your Github account, and go ahead and make the edits, and additions you’d like to see in this women in tech project. When ready you can submit a pull request, which I can approve, making your changes an active part of the public website.

I want this project to help introduce everyone to the contribution women have made in tech, and hopefully also contribute in my own way to possibly introducing the next generation of women to their own history, as well as APIs and Github along the way.